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The way to judge the quality of ecological board

Release time: 2024-01-10 11:11

【Summary Description】 First, how much does an ecological board cost? Mainly consider the following aspects:

First, how much does an ecological board cost? Mainly consider the following aspects:

  1, eco-board environmental grade, eco-board basic E0 level and above, in line with environmental standards can be used for interior decoration.

  2, eco-board materials, eco-board poplar, Malacca, cedar wood degree, etc., different materials, applicable to different regions, the specific price to the local store shall prevail 3, eco-board process, eco-board process has a skin feel, hand-grip pattern, soft linen, glossy, matte, etc., mainly depends on their own home decoration style.

  Different brands of eco-board due to differences in processing technology and raw materials, the price will be different; and the same brand of eco-board due to different thicknesses, the price is different, in addition to determining the price of eco-board factors also include eco-board environmental grade.

  Second, ecological board environmental protection?

  1, eco-board environmental protection, eco-board with its beautiful surface, easy to construct, ecological and environmental protection, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant features, more and more favored and recognized by consumers, to ecological board production of panel furniture is also becoming more and more popular.

  2, ecological board due to its characteristics and environmental characteristics, has always been the darling of the plate industry, initially used to do computer desks, office furniture, mostly monochrome plate, with the popularity of plate furniture in the family, it gradually became the manufacturing materials of the furniture factory, the surface color and pattern is also more.

  Eco-board has been widely used in home decoration, panel furniture, cabinets, closets, bathroom cabinets and other fields.

  Third, what are the advantages and disadvantages of ecological board?

  1, convenient, simple. The main material of this panel is cedar or camphor, the whole process is not painted, and painted panels, need to be ventilated for a period of time, choose the ecological panel decoration, it is more convenient and concise.

  2, the decorative effect is still very good. Some traditional furniture to paint, the color is more monotonous, but this panel is made of solid wood, the surface can also add color and texture, decorative performance is very good.

  And this kind of plate can be cut, made into a certain shape.

  3, economic and affordable. Now the price of solid wood has been rising, made of furniture products to the hands of consumers when it is more expensive. But the ecological sheet price is more friendly, become a lot of consumers' choice.

  4, its performance. The surface is relatively smooth, in addition to its hardness is just right, impact resistance, sound insulation and shock effect are very good, using a long time are not prone to cracking problems.

  Fourth, how to judge the quality of ecological board?

  Ecological board has many advantages, such as the ecological board on the market now uneven quality, mixed pearls, many friends who do not know may not pick, to judge the quality of ecological board good or bad, to understand from these three aspects:

  1, plate appearance

  From the outside looking in, the surface of the plate is flat and free of defects, complete marking. Between each board should be more snug, no obvious gaps. Look at the texture of the inner material is dense, no obvious hollow and decayed material.

  The surface of the board, relatively speaking, should be dry to the touch, flat and smooth. The whole board weighing up a sense of thickness and sense of wholeness.

  2, plate flavor

  Eco-board in the production process must be used to glue, all in the purchase of time, you can pay attention to whether there is a smell overly stimulating flavor, if necessary, you can check the entire board of proof to determine the degree of environmental protection board, if there is a very pungent taste, but also need to be careful to buy.

  3, anti-counterfeiting signs

  Selection of panels should pay attention to whether the anti-counterfeiting mark is clear, to buy from formal channels, now the market a little less attention may buy fake panels.

  The above is how much an ecological board, and how to determine the quality of the ecological board is introduced, I hope to help you.