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How to buy plywood

Plywood is made of two pieces of veneer with different grain pasted together, so when you buy plywood you need to pay attention to whether the plywood seam is tight, there can not be uneven phenomenon.

What are the applications of plywood

plywood is one of the commonly used materials for furniture, one of the three major boards for man-made boards, but also for airplanes, ships, trains, automobiles, construction and packaging boxes and other role materials. A group of veneer usually according to the direction of the adjacent layer of wood grain perpendicular to each other group of blanks glued together and become, usually the surface and inner laminates symmetrically configured in the center of the layer or on both sides of the core. After gluing the veneer according to the direction of the wood grain crisscrossed with the mat, in the heating or non-heating conditions of the press and become.

Classification of plywood

Plywood is a wood product widely used in construction, furniture, vehicles and other fields. According to different production processes, materials and uses, plywood can be categorized into many different types. In this article, the classification of plywood will be introduced in detail.

Difference between blockboard and ecological board: different application

Widely used in furniture manufacturing, sewing machine table boards, carriages, ships and other production and construction industry.

Blockboard and eco-board difference, analyzed from the following perspectives

The main difference is that the nature of different, different advantages and disadvantages, applicable to different, as follows:

What are the types of panels? Knowledge of common plates explained

what kinds of boards: Malacca board is also a joinery board

The way to judge the quality of ecological board

First, how much does an ecological board cost? Mainly consider the following aspects:

Which is better, eurowood or plywood? Specific analysis of the advantages and disadvantages

Plywood, also known as plywood, is made of staggered grain direction arrangement of three or more layers (generally odd layers) of wood veneer through the adhesive bonding of the board material. Usually adjacent layers of veneer grain direction is perpendicular to each other.

Solid wood multilayer flooring shopping tips

Although solid wood multi-layer flooring has so many advantages and characteristics, but if you do not pay attention to the details of the selection process, it is difficult to ensure that the selection of high-quality solid wood multi-layer flooring products, take a look at the solid wood multi-layer flooring selection techniques.

What is solid wood multi-layer flooring?

Solid wood multi-layer flooring is a crisscrossing arrangement of multi-layer board as the substrate, selecting high-quality precious wood for the panel, after coating resin glue in the hot press through high temperature and high pressure production, belongs to the class of solid wood composite flooring.

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