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What are the types of panels? Knowledge of common plates explained

Release time: 2024-01-10 11:15

【Summary Description】 what kinds of boards: Malacca board is also a joinery board

1, what kinds of boards: Malacca board is also a joinery board

  Blockboard is commonly known as large core board, woodworking board.

  Blockboard is a panel made of wood slats spliced, covered with two layers of veneer on both sides, and pressed by glue.

  Advantages and disadvantages

  Advantages: good nail grip, high strength, sound absorption, thermal insulation, easy processing.

  Disadvantages: the base plate is afraid of moisture.

  2, what kinds of panels: plywood is also a multi-layer board

  Multi-layer panels, is a wood section rotary cut into veneer or wood planing into thin wood, and then glued with adhesives to synthesize the three or more layers of panels. Depending on the number of layers and the quality of the panels, the price can vary greatly.

  Advantages and disadvantages

  Advantages: easy to construct, no warping or deformation, good transverse tensile properties, diverse sizes, flexible texture.

  Disadvantages: decorative properties do not meet the requirements of decorative panels, so it is suitable for furniture backboards and baseboards.

  3, what kinds of boards: OSB

       OSB oriented structural particle board. Formaldehyde release is low, and has high strength and flatness, improved nail grip, more convenient processing, but more for building substrates rather than furniture production.

  4, what kinds of panels: particle board

  Solid wood particle board, the wood or other wood trimmings into scraps, apply adhesive in the heat and pressure under the role of gluing synthetic man-made boards, so it is also called it scraps board.

  Advantages and disadvantages

  Advantages: more uniform structure, good processing performance.

  Disadvantages: the edge of the particle board is rough, easy to absorb moisture expansion, sealing should pay attention to.

  5, what kinds of boards: ecological boards are also melamine boards

  Ecological board is actually melamine board, is with different colors or textures of paper into the melamine resin adhesive soaked, and then dried to a certain degree of curing and then pasted on the surface of man-made panels (blockboard, plywood, osone board, particle board) decorative decorative panels.

  Because of the presence of melamine impregnated paper on the surface, ecological board panels do not require additional painting, and to a certain extent, formaldehyde has a closed effect. Mostly used for door panels and cabinets.

  Of course, melamine panels are environmentally friendly or not, it still depends on the substrate.

  Said so much you understand the furniture plate? I hope the above content can help you.